Stores Holds Promo For Shoppers In Underwear [PHOTOS]

Stores Holds Promo For Shoppers In Underwear [PHOTOS]

In a bizarre promotional move, a Spanish store called Desigual promised prospective shoppers free clothing of any choice as long as they come to the shop without any clothes on.

The Seminaked Party was organised by Desigual, which promised the first 100 participants that they would be dressed for free.

Participants began queuing in Turin late in the night for the 8am opening, according to local reports.

And those who arrived as late as 3am missed out on the free clothing.

To soften the blow, the store was selling a number of items at half price in the morning.

The Spanish brand has previously held the parties in Madrid, Barcelona and other Spanish cities as well as London.
It has also been held in European capitals including Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Lisbon.
And the party has travelled across continents to Tokyo, in Japan, and New York in the United States.
The Seminaked Party was launched in 2005 by Desigual.

The company claims that more than 10,000 people have participated in the parties.

The Desigal Seminaked Party will return next week to the streets of Paris.

In addition to dressing in just their underwear again, participants will also be required to take part in a 100-metre race.








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