Naked Motorcyclists Shocks Christmas As He Rides Into City Centre [PHOTOS]

Naked Motorcyclists Shocks Christmas As He Rides Into City Centre [PHOTOS]

A video of a naked man riding his motorbike through the streets of Germany – in broad daylight – has become the latest internet sensation.
The footage starts innocently enough with a close-up of a sleek black R6 bike. So far, so good.
But then the camera pans across to the rider as a ‘Baller Boyz’ sticker is put on his bare chest.
Baller Boyz then proceeds to take off his boxer shorts, leaving him stark naked – apart from his boots, gloves and helmet.



‘It was not unappetising to watch,’ says a female onlooker.



Since it was uploaded on December 15, the footage has had nearly 200,000 hits.
As if he didn’t get enough attention already, Baller Boyz even stopped to rev the engine – very loudly – and created smoke by ‘burning rubber’.


He may have no shame but he’s clearly a stickler for safety.
And finally he’s off – streaking through Munster, north Rhine-Westphalia, on his trusty steed as shocked Christmas shoppers look on.

The mystery rider’s cheeky journey seemed to be the result of a Facebook bet.
He had put a photo on the social networking site, saying he would ride naked through Munster’s Christmas market if the picture got 1,000 ‘Likes’.
However, not everyone was impressed by his antics, and the police are now investigating the incident.
‘We think it was a petty offence,’ police spokesman Andreas Bode told
Bode added that although Baller Boyz’s real identity could be difficult to establish, as he kept the helmet visor down throughout, the police ‘would be looking into it regardless’.


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