Remember ft Shimasta

A.U.Guy which stand for Australian United Guy.born in Congo DRC Likasi, born 15/04/1992  Real names Lence Gaston Tshinkobo and Original tribe Luba kasai Mukwabeya, lived in Likasi till the year 2001, later moved to lubumbashi till the year 2003 then moved to Lusaka Zambia till 2007 then finally to darwin.
Started music in 2002 in lubumbashi, with Deli, Kabomgo, Frank (my child hood friends) and Samy my big brother. stopped music for a while but got back in to music after meeting up with a few friends in high school and formed D.O.Bz (Darwin Original Boys). Made a few mix tapes had heaps of festival every year..

Here are the links to some of A.U Guys Tracks:

 Downlad and enjoy:

 Party Hard: DOWNLOAD

 Remember: DOWNLOAD

What do i do: DOWNLOAD


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